Shanghai GOODGO elevator at Iran International Elevator Exhibition

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Shanghai GOODGO elevator at Iran International Elevator Exhibition

In 2017 sixth Iran elevator equipment exhibition is an international event in Iran and the Middle East lift occupation influential, the exhibition is to pick a major world shopping mall opened in Iran exhibition, has been successfully held five sessions. International sales representative of Shanghai Elevator Co. Ltd. Cui he attended the event, the exhibition covers elevator products, elevator parts, elevator accessories, parking machines, new skills and other commodity related goods elevator skills and extending industrial supply, commodity exhibition, exchange of experience, trade negotiations and malls open platform for the majority of the elevator company, at the same time for the foreign elevator companies understand the Iran market provides a convenient.

The exhibition, Shanghai GOODGO elevator once again demonstrated the enterprise image and the scale, during the exhibition, from all over the world and Iran customers have come to our booth to discuss the consultation, I explain the staff further explained our company rich products, advanced technology, large scale and good reputation, customers have a strong performance interest.

Iran relative to the European market is a relatively new area, combined with the unique religious color and a single oil economy, making Iran elevator market development is relatively slow, and the last Iran building materials products mostly from European countries and European countries imported products are expensive, also affect the elevator market growth.

In recent years, with the continuous participation of Chinese enterprises in Iran, Iran realized the excellent quality of Chinese products. In addition, the friendly relationship between China and Iran has a long history and a natural sense of closeness. Iran is not only a necessary country in the strategic planning of China's "all the way" program, but also an observer state of the SCO established by china. Therefore, the increasing market demand of Iran will become China's elevator enterprises on the international battlefield.

Iran's domestic industrial level is not high, in addition to the old oil industry, other industries can not be compared to China, which caused the need for imports from Iran, the status quo. With the lifting of sanctions, Iran will usher in rapid economic growth, the construction industry also will rise rapidly, which brings new opportunities to the elevator and related industries, Shanghai solid Gu elevator will seize opportunities, and actively explore the market in Iran, Shanghai solid Gu elevator has become internationally recognized elevator enterprises, therefore, we will be positive as in the past participate in international economic exchanges and cooperation, cultivating foreign markets, create more security for the majority of customers and friends, more comfortable electric (help) ladder travel experience.

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