GOODGO Elevator Co., Ltd. won the bid for the project in Shanghai!

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                                  GOODGO Elevator Co., Ltd. won the bid for the project in Shanghai!

Recently, the Shanghai municipal government procurement center organization for passenger elevator, medical elevator, freight elevator electronic market supply agreement procurement projects, bidding information released in 2017 in the Shanghai municipal government procurement network, after the formal evaluation, the evaluation committee review, and after the purchase confirmation, GOODGO elevator company talent shows itself to become the city of Shanghai. The annual agreement successful units, procurement items (28 items in total) (covering all the whole staircase ladder) enterprises, become the new listed enterprises in government procurement.

Zhangjiajie Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine

Qingpu prison

Shanghai Tianhu project in prison

Shanghai city Baimaoling prison project

Bank of communications, Shanghai

Minhang District Education Bureau of Shanghai

Gansu Bao chrysanthemum water garden project

The organized by the Shanghai municipal government bidding project officially ended, GOODGO elevator company by virtue of the good reputation and the tireless efforts of our team, Shanghai city has become the annual agreement winning unit also further verified the comprehensive strength of GOODGO elevator is further enhanced, GOODGO will continue to lift to the quality standard, good customer service.

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